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Transformer accommodation
From €94.50 / d
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Helsingin Saaristoretketinfo@kuninkaansaari.fi+358 40 764 9766Company id:2765240-4Merchant terms

Equipment and facilities

  • Sleeping places for four people (2 + 2)

    • Double mattress, blankets and pillows on the 2nd floor sleeping loft

    • Sofa bed with mattresses, blankets and pillows for two people on 1st floor

    • Bed linen or sleeping bags are required. If you are using a sleeping bag, bring a pillowcase and bed sheet to protect your mattress and pillow. Sheets can also be rented for the duration of the stay.

  • 1st floor: dining corner and cutlery for four (deep and shallow plates, mugs and spoons, forks and knives)

  • 2nd floor: 2 armchairs, a table and a box for blankets

  • Terrace and outdoor furniture for outdoor use

  •  Beach and a swimming pier

  • The building has no running water or sewerage​

  • Drinking water must be brought by yourself or ordered in advance at the time of booking

  • There is a hand-washing facility outside the accommodation

  • Dry toilets are located on the shore of the nearby Sand Cove

  • The building has electric heating, a refrigerator, a microwave, an electric kettle, bluetooth-radio and electric lamps

  • There is an electric grill ​behind the building for guests to use and the possibility to use their own camping stove

  • The smoking area is located outside the building

  • The row boat and two SUP-boards are free to use and located right next to the Transformer


  • You will receive written instructions in your email regarding your arrival and use of the facilities week before of your stay. The key code will be sent the day before the accommodation.

  • Reservation starts at 15:00 and ends the next day at 12:00.



  • Any kind of fire (grilling, candles, etc.) inside and outside the building is forbidden.

  • Roads and paths are difficult at times and there are relatively many ascents and descents.

  • The building is narrow and tall; upstairs to the second floor and loft. This space is not suitable for disabled or small children.

  • The accommodation must be empty at 12 noon on the day of departure. Residents must clean the accommodation themselves for subsequent residents. Cleaning should include at least sweeping the floors, taking out the trash, bottles and cans, and wiping the table surfaces. Cleaning supplies can be found at the property.


Row boat

  • We do not sell fishing permits on the island, so be sure to obtain them in advance if you plan to fish.

  • Max 4 people on the boat.

  • To the east of the Kuninkaansaari island is the military area of Santahamina. The protection area is accompanied by a 100-meter ban. The area is marked with no docking signs. This limits movement and anchoring in the area.


You should take with you

  • Towel and swimsuit if you plan to swim or go to sauna. An unofficial beach is located at the Sand Cove

  • Drinks, food and cutlery

  • Hand towel

  • Personal toiletries

  • Additional lamps at your discretion